Monday, September 22, 2014

September 17, 2014

Dear Family,

Its been another great one! First off, p-day is today instead of
Monday this week so hopefully you didn't freak out when I didn't write
earlier this week! We had a half-mission conference which was awesome!
Elder Nielsen from the first quorum of the seventy was there and
addressed us and he had some great things to say. He said come June to
expect more missions around the world to be announced. Someone asked
if our mission was gonna be split and he said no comment. I guess
we'll see what happens. The biggest thing he talked about is how we
need to connect people to heaven and the key to doing that. He talked
a lot about grace and our weaknesses and how sometimes we all think
we're insufficient in what were asked to do. What he had to say was
great. He basically told us not to tract. He told us to go visit every
less active in the book before we tract. The reasoning behind it is
that he explained that most the time active members are only friends
with active members but when we visit less actives they surround
themselves with nonmembers which gives us a better chance of getting a
referral and a lot of the time less actives have nonmembers in there

I honestly can't remember a lot that has happened because I feel like
its been so long since I've emailed but we had some amazing miracles.
We're teaching a 17 year old young women named Taylor and we had a
super spiritual lesson with her. She soft committed to be baptized
which is awesome! We had a investigator named Josh and Taylor is
Josh's ex girlfriends sister.(hopefully that makes sense) So it was
kind of interesting how we were able to find her. We've been teaching
Taylor for about a month and its been sweet!

We found a total of 3 investigators this week which is awesome. We're
not teaching as much as I would like to but sometimes the works seems
to do that, it always goes up and down and you just can't control
peoples free agency.

We did have one cool miracle. The sister missionaries in the ward next
to us are teaching a couple that are committed to be baptized on
September 27th. Well they moved to our ward so they will be passing
them off to us tomorrow so we will have the blessing and privilege to
teach them. I feel kind of bad that they did most of the work but
we're all on the same team though.

Love you guys hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

Here's some pics of the half mission conference and some caves we hiked.

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