Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

So we had a great week. We had transfer calls come last night. Everyone was expecting my companion to be transferred but he ended up staying in Paradise with me. My companion is still district leader but we had a lot of changes in our district and zone. Its weird to think that I'm already in my 3rd transfer of my mission and have been out for 3 months. Its gone by super fast, its crazy. I'm thinking I'm probably going to be staying in my first area for about six months.

We're still teaching Elaine and she's doing great. We are beginning to teach her the commandments and we taught her the word of wisdom a couple of days ago. Her son is a recent convert who still struggles with his addictions. We were able to give him a blessing to overcome his addictions. The spirit was so strong and he gave us his chewing tobacco to dispose of it. They both committed to live the word of wisdom. Elaine is really coming along and progressing well. I'm really excited for her and how well she's doing. Her baptism is scheduled for September 28th.

Yesterday at church we had someone call me and Elder Harper out of priesthood and there was someone outside in the parking lot who said she was interested in our church. We gave her the basic introduction about our church and we're going to begin teaching her this week. Its amazing how the Lord works and how he prepares people to receive this restored gospel.

We've been teaching this lady named Kim ever since I've been here in Paradise and she came to church for the first time on Sunday which was awesome. We had 3 investigators in sacrament meeting this past week which was great!

All in all everything is still going great. I love and miss you guys. I hope you all have a great week.
-Elder Rosenbaum

Ben with some Missionarys playing Golf on P- day

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