Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 17, 2014

(Ben said in a separate email that he and his companion had their bike's stolen, not good.  This is Ben's first area for riding a bike and his companion is new out.)

Dear Family,

Well not a lot has happened this week to be honest. I had the
opportunity to attend a convert baptism on Saturday for a guy named
Gary. I worked with him a little bit on exchanges and got to know him
a little. No matter who's baptism it is the spirit is always so strong
there and it really boosted my spirits and attitude. To be honest I've
spent a lot of times on my knees this week. My entire mission I
haven't really had too hard of a time finding people to teach and have
work to do. I guess the last month I've been kind of humbled I guess
you could say because we're having a difficult time finding anyone or
I guess just having any success at all. Our teaching pool is really
hurting right now. We just got to keep our heads up though. Our one
investigator who was committed to be baptized but is in jail now I'm
still in touch with and I've been making contact with him through
mail. But he won't be off probation for awhile so we won't be able to
get him baptized for awhile. Our lesson with the Hurns went great
again this week. They're an awesome family. The dad is continuing to
show more support for his daughter which is awesome. Hopefully I'll
have more to report next week. Please keep us in your prayers so we
can find the elect I know they're out there we just have to keeps our
heads up and keep working hard.  I love you guys thanks for all the

Elder Ben Rosenbaum

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