Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

So we had a pretty good week. I'll start off with the good news first. So do you guys remember Deanna I used to tell you about when I was in my last area? I found and taught her for about a month and a half before I got transferred and she was on date for baptism for awhile but when I left the area she kind of faded away and stop meeting with the missionaries. Well we've been keeping in touch a little through facebook and she messaged me the other day saying she finally came back to church and everything spoke straight to her. After church she met with the missionarys and is going to be baptized on March 1st!! I've been invited to go back to see the baptism so we'll see if I get permission to go. I'm really excited for her. 

We picked up two investigators this week which seem pretty promising. They just moved into the house across the street from the church and they ran into 2 sets of missionaries that day including us. So they said they think its a sign from God so they want to listen to our message and the guy is going to start playing basketball with us on saturday morning. They're super awesome people. 

I haven't told you much about our Investigator named Souchi. She's been a huge blessing for us and an asnwer to our prayers. She used to be kind of flakey but is now meeting with us on a consistent basis and I think given her a little time and she'll be dunked. She's just super accepting. The Lord has definitely answered some prayers to help us find and have a little success this week. 

My bike situation is all figured out. My bike should either be here today or tomorrow and I'll be able to go pick it up preassembled. Dad, don't worry about calling black bear (bike shop). I called him and talked to him myself. I borrowed a members bike this week and was able to get by. Thanks for your love and support! Have a great week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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