Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear Family,

We had a great week here in Citrus Heights! It was transfer weekend
and both me and my companion stayed together because I'm training him.
So I'm assuming I'll be here for 6 or 12 more weeks. I love it here so
 I wouldn't mind staying here for awhile longer. So just over a week
ago on Sunday night me and my companion went and visited a family and
shared a thought trying to get a referral. We challenged them to find
us one person to teach and they took that challenge pretty serious. Four
days later we had dinner at their house and they told us to come
prepared with the first discussion after dinner because they would
have someone there for us to teach. His name is Virgil and he's
freakin awesome! One of the most humble people I've met on my mission.
He grew up in an atheist home and doesn't have too much support from
his family with mormonism. Anyways, we taught him and it was one of
the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission. He accepted to be
baptized and even set a date for March 22nd. He came to church and
everything. It was a huge miracle for us. Sadly he's just outside our
boundaries so after we teach him tonight we'll be shortly passing him
over to other missionaries but the whole thing was just really

Deanna a person that I taught in my last area got baptized on Saturday
and that was great to hear. I'm super excited for her. I tried to get
permission to go from the mission President but he thought it was a
little too far and would be a little unproductive which I respect.

Its been storming pretty good here. The river over flooded like crazy
and we had to go that way to get to a teaching appointment. So we had
to ride our bikes through about a foot maybe less of rain. We were
already soaked so it didn't really matter too much. The funniest thing
happened as we were riding apparently there was this ledge we couldn't
see and my companion ended up accidentally falling into it and it was
about 5 or so feet deep. We were both soaked and it was a really funny
experience. haha we were laughing hysterically.

Remember the cop story I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago. That
whole less active family that we've been teaching for awhile all came
to church for the first time in years. Billy told me that Elder
Johnson and me are the only missionaries he's felt the spirit around
so strong besides the ones that taught him when he got baptized.
They've said they want to start coming every week. Its been a huge
miracle as well!

I think thats all for this week! Love you guys. Have a good week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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