Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 17, 2014

Dear Family,

Well its officially been 9 months! I can't believe how fast its been
going. We had another great week! We're meeting with Frankie on a
consistent basis. He basically invites us over almost every night for
a lesson. He's awesome! One of the most prepared people I've taught so
far. He progressing well for his baptism for April 10th its just the
only problem we have is the living situation. He needs to get married
or separate apartment before baptism so if that happens his baptism
date will go through. Only time will tell. We've had some super
spiritual lessons with him. Its been awesome!

So crazy story. Do you guys remember Virgil I told you about a couple
of weeks ago. He committed to baptism and we were going to pass him
off to the missionaries in his right area. Well the family that was
fellow shipping him in our ward made a restraining order for him. I
guess he has like major bipolar or something and he tried to break
into there house and he threatened us on the phone and cussed us out.
Its a good thing he doesn't know where our apartment is. I won't go
into details but its been a super sketchy situation.

We're working with this recent convert family in our ward and we
should be able to go through the temple with them in the next couple
weeks. Its been awesome to see them progress! We went on exchanges
this week and the missionary I was with knew some people I hung out
with back at home so that was pretty cool.

There's not much else this week. All is well. I'm loving my mission
right now. My testimony is growing stronger and stronger as I share
what I know to be true. Thanks for your support!

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