Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear Family,

This week has been super busy but super good! Tuesday was the day that my companion left for his new area. We were able to do a little bit of work that day and then me and Elder Gull traveled the length of the mission and stayed in a missionaries apartment close to the mission office where we would pick up our greenies. I was able to while I was down south to visit my last area and have dinner with the Hernandez family and Brayden. Both me and Elder Gull served in that ward, but at different times, so it was fun to be with them again for a day. 

My new companions name is Elder Blomquist. He graduated from high school in 2014 and is from Tooele Utah. He's super cool and really solid, it doesn't  even feel like I'm training him really.  I'm surprised with how good he is at teaching already and he just feels comfortable which is great. I was able to meet our new mission President that day. He's awesome as well. 

On Friday we traveled down to Chico and had a meet the president meeting and got to know President and Sister Marston a little bit better. It was fun to see previous companions and people I've served around. 

We saw a ton of miracles this week!  We had 3 investigators come to church! This man named Mark Childers basically hunted us down and wanted to meet with us. He used to live in a Mormonfamily and he strayed away from it when he was younger. Well now he's about 60 or so and wants to take the discussions and be baptized. We had two lessons with him this week and he even came to church with us and stayed for all 3 hours. It was awesome and a huge miracle. He even committed to August 16th to be baptized. We put it further away though because he wants to and needs to wane himself off cigarettes.  

Another cool miracle, Dad do you know a Greg Smith? Apparently he knows you! Its crazy! I guess he knows you from work somehow and he's a big Nature Sunshine guy. Well he's in a ward right by the ward I'm serving in. He has a friend who lives in our ward that's interested in the church and wants to be baptized! We had dinner with both Greg Smith and his friend who's name is Ralph. It was awesome, we taught the restoration after and the spirit was super strong! He even came to church on Sunday

We met a lot with Jereimiah this week as his baptism is getting closer! Everything there is still going great!  

Love you guys hope you all are doing well! 

-Elder Rosenbaum

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