Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear Family,

So its been another good week! For P-day today we went and hiked and walked around the foresthill bridge which is the tallest bridge in the state of California so that was pretty cool. And I got to go play tennis again with an Elder in my zone so its been a pretty good day so far. We are continuing to work with the same people I've mentioned in recent emails but we just can't get them over the hump and to make that next commitment to set a date. I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me to be more patient because I think often we want instant results for whatever it is  we are doing. But I'm learning that's not always the case. These are God's children  and God works in his own way and in his own timing. Sometimes I forget that, but the Lord is always good to remind me. After coming from Redding where we baptized so much and had so much success its been a learning process during this stretch that I just have to continue to be patient and work hard and we'll be able to find more of God's children who are the elite and are prepared to receive our message. I'm reminded that we still are having success and that success comes in our invitation to people and not whether they accept it or not. 

Michelle, Noah, David, John, Wilma and a few others are all coming along just slowly but surely. And fortunately enough a lot of them are still making a desire to come to church every week and are progressing! I'm so grateful for my call as a missionary and that the Lord entrust me in this small part of the vineyard to minister and to find people in this area. Not much else to report on but I love you guys and hope you all have a fantastic week. 

Elder Rosenbaum

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