Monday, January 12, 2015

January 5, 2015

Dear Family,

Another week has come and gone! I know I always seem to mention how fast time flies but really I have no idea where it goes. So good things are continuing to happen. Members are getting involved and its helping us out  a lot! For instance, a member brought a friend to church and we had the chance to talk to him at church. He came to our gospel principles class and now we have dinner tonight with him and the family that is going to fellowship him. We're going to be teaching him the first discussion. Its amazing how crucial members are to helping us fulfill our calling of teaching the restored gospel. A simple invitation of inviting a friend to church can go further than you think. This is just one instance but there seems to be a ton of little miracles continually happening!

So we taught Michelle again this week. We were actually able to have two lesson with her this week. We decided to reteach the restoration since it had been awhile and she explained to us towards the end of our discussion how she felt very heart warming which is awesome because that means she's feeling the spirit. And I guess she was kind of keeping it a secret from us but it turns out she's 1/3 of the way through the Book of Mormon. We thought she had barely opened it, I guess not! Michelle has been taking care of her 10 month year old grandson and her heater went out so she had been praying for a way to keep her place warm enough for them.  Well we showed up not too long after and let her borrow our space heater that we randomly had in our apartment that we weren't using. Its amazing if you think about it how God can answer the smallest prayers if we pray with real intent.

David is one of our other promising investigators. He's been coming to church for the past 6 or 7 months or so. He's told members and previous missionaries that he would get baptized once John Michael(a guy in our ward) got back from his mission. Well he got back a couple of months ago so we've been teaching him pretty regularly and having good lessons with him. We've basically finished all the lessons with him but we're going to keep teaching him but for some reason or another he's changed his mind and won't commit to a date to be baptized.. at least not yet. Keep David in your prayers!

Right now we have a good amount of investigators and a lot of them come to church but for some reason they're struggling to make that next big commitment to get wet. I know the work will continue to grow and good things will happen as we continue to work hard.

Well I love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Rosenbaum

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