Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 16, 2015

Dear Family,

Its been another great week here in Auburn and Forest Hill! We'll
start right off with the big miracles we had. Along with covering the
Auburn ward we also cover the Forest Hill branch and since its so far
away we only go up there once or twice a week. Well since day 1 I've
been in this area we've been working with an investigator named David
who lives out in the middle of nowhere basically. Well he's been
coming to church for several months now and he's always been stubborn
and would never commit to be baptized and set a date. I'm not sure
exactly what changed his mind or what softened his heart but in our
lesson with him this past week he committed to be baptized and set a
date for March 14th! Which is perfect timing because if I do get
transferred that would be the last Saturday of the transfer. Davids
grandma is a recent convert of about 4 years ago and David takes care
of her a lot and thats basically how he got introduced to the church.
We're praying and hoping that this date goes through! It would be
super awesome! Unfortunately, his fellowshipper, who just got home
from his mission a couple of months ago shot himself in the foot by
accident. He ended up being okay but hopefully he can still help us
out as we get closer to his baptism!

We got to volunteer at a old folks home again this week and we helped
prepare for there fancy Valentines dinner. It was kind of a nice
change of pace and something out of the ordinary. So it was a good
time! We're getting really familiar with all the people we volunteer
with and its been a huge missionary opportunity for us and we've been
able to answer a lot of questions so its been really cool!

We also had a ward Valentines dinner/talent show which was super fun.
My companion did a comedian act which was pretty good. And we also got
one of our investigators there which was awesome!

All our other investigators that I've talked about in previous weeks
are coming along slowly but surely.  It's amazing how fast time goes
it seems like p day was just yesterday. I'm getting to the point where
every member is always like "so are you going to school? You gonna
work?" And then the classic "oh you've been out forever! Getting close
to the end then huh?" Haha Especially that last one is becoming more
and more common. I've made a goal to not finish my mission pacing
myself but to finish sprinting and to ultimately finish the way
Heavenly Father wants me to finish so I don't have any regrets. This
is an amazing work that I have the privilege to be apart of. Looking
back I've been so blessed to come across the most amazing people. God
is preparing the hearts of people to receive the fullness of the
gospel we just need to "open our mouths and they shall be filled"(D&C
33:10) We can all be instruments in the Lords work whether we have a
name tag on our chest or not.

Love you guys hope you have a great week!

Elder Rosenbaum

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