Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family,

It's been another busy week! There's been nothing too out of the
ordinary or anything like that but we continued to work with David
this week and helping him prepare for his baptism in March. He's doing
very well and still planning on it which is a very good thing. It
seems like whenever investigators commit to a date for baptism that's
when Satan starts working his hardest and tries to get you off of that
path. We're praying that it'll go through!

We were able to teach a total of 15 lessons this week which for us at
where we're at currently is actually pretty good. We even found a
couple of people this week which was exciting. Occasionally you just
have that stellar lesson which is just awesome where the spirit is
just super strong. Well we found a guy named Jordan and had a amazing
restoration lesson with him but unfortunately he moved to Seattle a
couple of days later. But his girlfriend there is Mormon! So maybe we
set some seeds there and some good things will happen!

We're pushing on and continuing to see good things. Noah our Catholic
investigator, who works for a catholic radio show, I feel like is
getting so close! He's been to church now about 4 times and he told us
this last week he's been praying more about it more than ever.

The hardest part I feel about missionary work is you can't make your
investigators decisions for them. We have a good number of
investigators who are just on the fence. So hopefully in the coming
weeks we see some good things happening!

Love you guys have a exceptional week!

Elder Rosenbaum

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