Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16, 2015

There was no email the week before this email.

Dear Family,

A lot has happened and I have a lot to catch you guys up on, so I'll
get right to it. Well, we received our transfers calls and I'm being
transferred to the Gridley 1st ward in Gridley. Which if I was going
to be transferred this is exactly what I would want. Its a bike area that's
known for being super flat which compared to my last bike area  had
hills everywhere. I felt like I was getting fat just sitting in a car
all day, so I'm excited for the change.  My new companion will be Elder
Hudson and so far I've only heard good things about him and from what
I hear he's super easy to get along with, which is always good. I only
have 12 weeks left... which is a super strange feeling. When you're in
the beginning of your mission you feel like the end is never gonna
come but when it gets close you get mixed feelings about it.

In other good news, David got baptized!! It was the perfect way to end
my time here in this area. We cover two areas, a ward and a branch, 
David got baptized in the Foresthill Branch. Apparently it had been a
couple of years since anyone had gotten baptized in the branch so the
whole branch was pretty excited. David has been living with his
grandma and his grandma is a recent convert of a couple of years ago
and he would take her to church every week and eventually he started
staying for it and eventually warmed up to us and took the lessons.
I've been working with him the whole 4 and a half months I've been
here so it was awesome to see him get baptized.

In other random news, we picked up two investigators because BYU upset
#3 Gonzaga! How cool is that? This guy started talking to us at this
restaurant and said he was a huge fanatic of college basketball and
also BYU sports. When BYU upset Gonzaga he googled Tyler Haws and
watched a video about his mission and his faith. It sparked his
interest in our faith and he and his wife wanted to learn more and meet
with us.  We went by and followed up with them this week and just had
a super good discussion with them.

We also had a new investigator who picked us up one night this
week and took us out for frozen yogurt. It was sweet, he is a super
good guy. We ended up basically teaching him the whole first
discussion while eating just outside the frozen yogurt place.

Well love you guys. Hope you have a fantastic week!

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