Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family,

Week two in Gridley/Biggs with Elder Hudson has been pretty good. Its
one of those weeks where we just did so many things, so much happened
its hard to remember it all. I'll start with some of the highlights.
We're teaching a family named the Hawkins. Brother Hawkins is a
returning member and his wife was baptized 6 or so months ago.
Anyways, we're teaching their 15 year old daughter named Bailey. Bailey
has been to church both weeks I've been here and the young women are
really taking her in. Well we had a super good lesson with them this
week and Bailey committed to be baptized and set a date for April 18.
Which isn't really that far away. Keep her in your prayers and
hopefully it will go through.

For those that haven't seen the churches new Easter video, you need to
watch it. We've been having so much success just showing it to
everyone we street contact and everyone we visit. We've gotten in a
lot of doors through it. I always love Easter time and especially
Christmas because everyone is much nicer to us and there's always so
many little miracles.  One more cool thing that is on my mind, we're
having a mission temple trip a week from today! How cool is that? I
guess its like the first time our mission has ever done this.
Basically the first half of the day the temple will be reserved for
our mission and the rest of the day the Sacramento mission will be
doing the same thing. So we're pretty excited.

Elder Hudson and I were able to find 7 investigators this week which
is near the most if not the most I've ever found in a week  on my
mission. The Lord has just been really good. We were able to get in a
lot of doors this week and we were just able to teach a lot which was
awesome. The thing about Gridley is I guess it was founded or
originally settled by Mormons. So there's a high population of Mormons
here so people here who aren't Mormons have generally already met with
missionaries or they've already been asked to meet with missionaries,
or they've talked to missionaries before. Its a lot different than all
my previous areas.

Have a great week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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