Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
My first week in Citrus Heights has been fantastic! My companion is Elder Miller and the guy is a stud. He's from Provo Utah and he even knows some of the same people as me back home including Chase Ward. So I thought that was pretty cool. I kind of feel like a real missionary now being on a bike. Its crazy different being in a small spread out city to going to the big city on a bike. I love it though there's so many people in the streets that we can street contact so I've been able to talk to so many more people and I love it. We're in the very corner of our area and the very corner of our zone so we've been racking up a lot of miles on our bikes but hey at least it will get me back in shape after being in a car for so long.
We have a pretty good amount of work here in the Van Maren ward so its keeping us busy. We even picked up 6 new investigators this week which is the most I've ever gotten in a week. We're teaching the Hernandez family and the whole family are recent converts besides the husband and his name is Omar. The guy is a stud. We had two lessons with him this week. He's just kind of being stubborn leaving his catholic faith. He even said he knows the Book of Mormon is true so we're just going to keep working with him. They invited us over on Christmas so we'll go spend a lot of times with them on Christmas playing games and stuff.
Hey if you see Brother Flinders or Doctor Frandsen back home can you tell them that I met brother Ashby who lives up here. They apparently know each other pretty well. And I met a person in my ward named Kristine Dudly that apparently grew up in Payson and knows Aunt Renee pretty well.
We have a half mission conference tomorrow to get training on our Ipads. Each missionary is going to receive his own Ipad tomorrow for missionary purposes only obviously. But its going to be pretty cool. So I should be able to facetime home on that for christmas or skype. I look forward to being able to talk to you guys. Thanks for everything! Love you guys.
-Elder Rosenbaum

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