Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 14, 2014

 Dear Family,

So we received transfer calls and I'm staying in the area. Everyone
thought I was gonna be getting transferred since I just finished
training my greenie. To be honest I was kind of shocked that I was
staying. Haha but I'm glad and grateful for an additional 6 weeks in
this area.  Elder Johnson will be the longest companion I've had since
my trainer.(I was also with him for 3 transfers) Hopefully with me
staying for another transfer I'll be here long enough to see Frankie
get baptized. Frankie was sick this week so we didn't have the
opportunity to teach him this week which was kind of weird. So we did
a lot of hard work this week and had a lot of success from the fruit
of our labors. We picked up 5 new investigators this week. We're
pretty excited about it. We oym'd(street contacted) this couple who
were holding tennis rackets and they were walking to the park to play
tennis. I told them that I'm a huge tennis player and we automatically
connected and had something in common. We talked about that for awhile
but we ended up tying it back to the gospel and he had so many good
questions. We taught them on the street and we we're going to begin
teaching them! We might even go play tennis with them which would be
pretty sweet.

So we are teaching a recent convert's fiance. Once he's married he'll
be living in our ward boundaries and he wants to be baptized in our
ward. So in June he'll be able to get baptized. Its been a huge
blessing to be able to teach him. The guy is a stud! His name is
Brayden and he's been coming to church every week!

So I haven't told you guys about this guy name Gary yet. He's one of
the most interesting people I've taught on my mission so far. His
girlfriend is a member and it seems like all he wants to do is just
bash with us in every lesson. And you never know whats going to happen
going into a lesson.  Well he keeps every commitment we give him and
he goes to church every week so I guess in a sense he's progressing.
Well we retaught the restoration to him and emphasized authority and
we soft committed him to be baptized. We'll see where it all goes.

Love you guys!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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