Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

Dear Family,

This week honestly flew by. I can't really remember a lot to be honest. haha Weeks are starting to feel like days, its really weird. I'll start off by talking about Frankie. Frank was originally planning on moving out to a different apartment to get baptized but his girlfriend, who is less active, talked with the bishop. It sounds like they're now planning on getting married, which is the better option in my opinion because they already have one kid and another one on the way. They haven't chosen a official date day but it sounds like it could happen next month so Frankie should be able to get baptized soon! Frankie's family took us out to dinner to Claim Jumpers this week and is still progressing really well! Hopefully it stays this way until his baptism!

Conference was amazing! We we're unable to get any investigators to watch it with so we went over to different members and watched it with them and had lunch with them. I feel super uplifted and edified from conference. Overall Elder Hollands talk was my favorite!  I felt like these 4 things were the main messages of conference. 
1. Defend/live your faith
2. Obedience to the commandments,
3 Trust in The Lord
4 Families 
. I'm so grateful for a living prophet who's called of God to lead this church!

We had a referral for a hungarian family who speaks very little english and we just happened to have someone in our ward return home from his mission from Hungary  so we had the opportunity to teach them this week. Although I couldn't understand what was being said I could still feel the spirit. It was a cool experience. 

Well thats all for this week! We ended up doing a lot of finding this week and actually had a good  amount of success! Until next week! Love you guys!

-Elder Ben Rosenbaum 

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