Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family,

Its been another great week. I just want to start off and say I love
the people in this ward and the people I'm teaching in this area. We
have transfers in two weeks and quite frankly I hope I stay here.
I've gained such a strong testimony that the church is the exact same
no matter where you are though.  I know this is only my second area
but everywhere I go I feel right at home.

So Elio got baptized on Saturday! Elio is a freakin stud, I'm super
proud of him and all the adversity and everything he had to go through
to enter the waters of baptism. I taught him for awhile in this area
but then he moved and it was close enough I had the privilege to be
able and go to it. It was super spiritual. When the people you're
teaching actually get baptized it makes it feel like its all worth it.
Its an amazing feeling. I'll make sure to include a picture of the

So Xochil called us this week and she said that she wanted to push
back her baptism. She's very sensitive to the spirit and I think she
feels like she's not worthy enough or prepared or just ready in her
mind. She said she had a beer and she knew if she was going to get
baptized that was something she knew she shouldn't be doing. I
think we just need to give her some time and everything will work
itself out.

Frank is doing awesome. He's in the process of getting moved out into
separate apartments and is really progressing well. He still invites
us over for a lesson almost everyday which is awesome. He's a stud.
He's so close to baptism and he wants it really bad so we're excited!

There's a recent convert family in our ward and everyone is baptized
besides Omar, the husband. The daughter is engaged to this non member
and we began teaching him. His name his Brayden and we taught the 1st
discussion to him and the whole family including Omar. It was awesome!
Brayden is planning on getting baptized after they're married in June.
We're now meeting with Brayden every week.

We taught this couple named Ken and Kim this week. We taught them the
first discussion and they both soft committed to be baptized. We're
excited we'll see what happens from here with them.

We're having a lot of success and I feel like The Lord is really
blessing us. The Lord truly is hastening his work. I know this Gospel
is true with all my heart! Have a good week! Love you guys.

-Elder Rosenbaum

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