Friday, May 23, 2014

May 19, 2014

Dear Family,

Another week has come and gone. It's crazy how fast time goes. In a couple of weeks I'll be hitting my hump mark which is really weird to think about. This is the last week of the transfer. We'll be receiving transfer calls this Sunday so I'll let you guys know what happens. Since I've been in this area for 6 months and with the same companion for 3 transfers now there's a good chance we'll be having some change. 

We had zone conference this week. It was long but it was also really good. It was our last zone conference with President Weston. Our new mission President will be arriving June 30th. It should be an interesting change as well. 

We did a lot of good work this week. We worked with Brayden this week and he's still progressing well and on date for June 28th. I went and played tennis with him twice this week which was really fun! It felt good to be out and hitting again. He was actually pretty good. I ended up beating him but not by much. If I do get transferred this is one I'll definitely be coming back for. I can't remember if I told you or not but he asked me if I would be the one who would perform the actual baptism for him so I'm pretty excited about that.

We did a lot of finding this week and a lot of street contacting. We had a good amount of success. Hopefully all the people that invited us back will have some potential. And on a random note I had Costa Vida this week! It was extremely good! Its also getting extremely hot! I heard from a couple of sources it was just below a 100 degrees. Well have a great week everyone. I love you guys!

Elder Rosenbaum

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