Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

So first off, transfer calls came! I have mixed feelings about this
but I know I'm going exactly where The Lord needs me to serve. I am
being transferred to Redding! I'll be serving in the Redding 2nd ward
and I'll still be on a bike. Redding is the hottest place in our
entire mission. From what I understand it's kind of a valley where
all the heat just gets stuck in there and has no where to go. I've
heard from others that its pretty regular for it to be 110 to 120
during the summer. Missionaries kind of always joke with each other
that they'll get transferred to Redding during the summer but I'm
excited for the opportunity I have to go there! I'm currently in the
most south part of our mission and Redding is the furthest North so
I'll be having a good long drive there tomorrow. I've never heard of
my companion before so it should be interesting. I'm pretty sad to be
leaving Citrus Heights. Especially since I'll miss Brayden's baptism
who've I've been working with ever since I've been here. I feel like I
can truly say that I was able to love the people here and I'm really
going to miss the friendships I've made here. I've also been called as
district leader so that should be fun as well.

As far as this week goes, we had a great week. We were able to teach
Brayden and we played tennis twice this week. We also had a great
lesson with a new investigator named Victoria. She's just over 30
years old. A less active we've been working with introduced us to her
and we taught her and introduced the Book of Mormon. She started
crying on the first lesson so that was pretty sweet! We also ran into a
random guy in the street who's a less active and served in the army
and he was saying he wished he served a mission instead of getting
caught up in everything. He told us his wife was telling him that she
thinks they need to start going to church. He said he told her well
lets go to the church I used to go to. So we're going to begin
teaching his wife. It was a really cool miracle. I feel like it was
definitely a blessing from just trying to talk to everyone you see, you
never know what will come from it. Missionary work can be hard
sometimes but its rewarding and its fun! I can't believe I'll be
hitting my hump mark in two weeks or so! Well that's all! Love you

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