Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

Dear Family,

A lot has happened. To be honest a lot of it is kind of a blur. We've
been working really hard. Well first off, my companion & I may or
may not have both gotten in wrecks this week. But it wasn't on the big
hill I was telling you about last week. Elder Cevering's was a lot
worse than mine. I was on exchanges on Wednesday so I wasn't there to
see it but my companion ate it pretty good. He's alright just really
sore. And then the next day on Thursday I had my little incident. It
wasn't too bad though. Haha my rear is pretty sore and my hand got
beat up pretty good. But all is well we were both able to take our
bikes to the shop and they are good as new now. We didn't have to pay
for it because they noticed that we were missionaries, so the Lord has
definitely been blessing us.  We joke about it now so all is good.

We're working with Pao still, I love the guy. We saw him smoking a
cigarette this week which was really disappointing so we have moved
back his baptism date to July 5th because of the word of wisdom and we
want him to be able to make it to church a couple more times. Pao has
been telling his roommates how much he loves the church so we began
teaching two of his roommates this week. It was awesome. We have
another lesson with them tonight. The Lord has been blessing us with
people to teach since I've been here. We're just having a hard time
getting them to come to church, but I know if we keep working hard, good
things will happen.

I went to a meeting in Gridley this week. It was a leadership meeting
for all zl's and district leaders. I was able to talk to the President and
he gave me permission to go back for Brayden's baptism on June 28th.
Brayden has asked that I perform the actual baptism so I'm really
stoked. Brayden has showed a lot of faith and is taking a lot of steps
to reach his baptism including getting married in order to get

I'll be hitting my year mark on Thursday! It's freaking me out how
fast it goes. Going on a mission has been the best decision I've EVER
made no matter how hard it can be sometimes. Love you guys.

Elder Rosenbaum

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