Monday, January 20, 2014

January 13, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been another week of the missionary life. To be honest there hasn't been anything too exciting thats happened this week. Elder Dallin H Oaks is coming to our stake conference this weekend and sunday morning before it starts, he's going to be meeting with all the recent converts of the stake and all investigators that have committed to be baptized or have a baptism date. Missionary's can only go if they have an investigator, so since we have Elio who's committed to be baptized, we're gonna have a chance to hear from a apostle of The Lord in a smaller selected audience, so we're really excited for that. It's gonna be sweet! We also got word this week that we're going to be getting a new mission president in the beginning of July. We also got a new bishop on Sunday, so that was pretty cool. We also will be receiving transfer calls this Sunday, so we'll see if my companion gets transferred. I'm thinking we'll probably stay together for another 6 weeks.

We met with Elio this past week and he's still doing great! He's keeping commitments, coming to church, its only a matter of time before he gets baptized. Its amazing to see the change that the church has done for him. We had a lesson with this guy name Evan, an investigator that we picked up about 2 weeks ago. He's 91 years old and a real friendly guy. During the lesson he got up to grab something to show us and he fell down and scrapped his arm and his entire arm started bleeding. It was really sketchy and kind of scary. But he ended up wanting to finish the discussion. We've been working a lot with this part member family named the Hurns. We're in the process of trying to activate them and we're teaching their 9 year old daughter named Irish. We had a lesson with her this week. They want her to be baptized so hopefully within about a month we can get her baptized. Well that's all from me for this week. I love you guys and I pray for you guys everyday. Have a great week!

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