Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Its been a pretty crazy week. So tuesday my companion got transferred to Rocklin which is pretty close to Citrus Heights where I'm serving right now.  I went with him and a member to drop him off.  I got to see my trainer, Elder Harper, because he was serving in that area so it was pretty fun. I was stuck all day without a companion so I spent the day with the Rucsh Park Elders. Early wednesday morning I got a ride to Antelope where the mission office is located to pick up my greenie that I'll be training. His name is Elder Johnson and he's from Maryland. He's 6 and a half feet tall so I seem to have this pattern of getting super tall companions. He's a super cool humble kid. I think we'll have a good time serving together. He has Narcolepsy which can be really hard for him because he's always falling asleep and he can't help it. Its already happened during a lesson and while riding a bike so we'll see how everything works out. Its definitely been a little bit harder training than I thought but I'm excited for the opportunity.

As for as Elio that you question about, he's our most promising investigator thats committed to be baptized. But he got accused of high jacking a car when he doesn't even know how to high jack a car so nows he's in jail. He's on probation so we're either going to have to wait until he's off probation for his baptism or we could get first presidency approval. I'm hoping his baptism happens at least before I leave this area.  

We had a lot of success finding and teaching people this week. It seems that the work is gradually improving but its a work in progress. When I came into this area we didn't really have a lot to work with so I'm really pleased at where we're at right now. 

Well I hope all is well back home! I hope you enjoyed the pictures that the members in my ward sent you. Have a great week! Love you guys!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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