Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 30, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It was awesome being able to skype with you guys on Christmas. It was definitely the highlight of my Christmas as well. I am now fully recovered from being sick through Christmas. But I was still able to make the most of it. It was definitely different being my first Christmas away from home. I'm basically up to 100 percent now which is a great blessing.

We had a great week for the time I was able to actually work, being sick most of the week. We got a referral from this old man In our ward to go see this guy name Fred. Fred is 91 years old and is in amazing shape for his age. He doesn't look 91 at all. He has a lot of cool stories from serving In WWll. We were able to teach him the restoration and he took it in really well. He even accepted the challenge to be baptized which is super exciting. Hopefully we will be able to set a date this week when we meet with him.

We met with Elio a couple of times this week. And he's still dong great. His baptism is set for February 15th. If it wasn't for some things he needs to clear up we would be having his baptism this Saturday. It's amazing to see the change in his life and the progress he's making. Its been a huge blessing to be able to teach him. He's even coming to pday today and gonna play basketball with us.

Well I wish you guys all the best and a happy new year! Love ya. Have a great week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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