Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dear Family,

Once again its been another good week! Good things are continuing to happen! Shannon got baptized this week! It was such a good baptismal service. Usually its the wife thats gets baptized first and than the husband will follow later but in this case Shannons husband got baptized a month or so ago and now Shannon is baptized. It was such a blessing to teach them. One of their best friends introduced them to the church. Member-missionary work is the way to go. It's always a miracle when members are helping you out along the way. The ward is really taking them in and its been so good.

This week was so good we were able to get a lot of lessons in which was great. A lot of people invited us in this week, which was a huge tender mercy for us. We had a mission President fast this week where we couldn't have a dinner appointment unless it was with a less active, part-member family, or an investigator and we saw a lot of miracles with that. It was good to have a way in with a few people. 

Our next closest investiagtor to baptism is Ginny. She's an older lady we've been teaching for about 4 months now. She has the desire to be baptized and to believe the things we're teaching, she just won't make the commitment to come to church. At least not yet. If you could keep her in your prayers that would be awesome! Our 12 year old investigator named Kyra is also getting closer and progresing. 

Thanks for all your support! Trust in God, have that perfect brightness of hope, and always believe in good things to come. God is always good. Love you guys

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