Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 29, 2014

Dear Family,

All is well and going good! We had our transfer calls come Sunday
night and I received the notice that I will be staying a 3rd transfer
with Elder Blomquist here in the Redding 2nd ward. I'm pretty happy
with it because we have some good stuff happening and I kind of feel
like if I left I would leave  a lot of things unfinished. At the end
of this transfer I'll have been in this area just short of 6 months
just like my previous area. I seem to be following a pattern.

The members we live with have officially moved out so on Wednesday we
will be moving into an apartment. We currently live on top of a huge
hill and there's been a number of missionaries that have gotten hurt
on it or even broken bones on in. It is kind if sad to see the members
leave because they were just super legit.

The work this week went super well! We had a baptism for Robert
Salsbury. Robert was found through a member of the ward. Robert has
mental disabilities and is the coolest guy around. He has a strong
testimony and just has been soaking everything up. We're teaching his
wife as well and she will be getting baptized on October 11th because
she felt that she wasn't quite ready yet and she wanted to get
baptized the same day as her friend who is being taught in a different
ward. All in all its been a huge miracle.

Elder Blomquist and I found a investigator about 3 months ago named
Ginny and she committed to be baptized on November 1st which is super
exciting. I can't believe how good The Lord has been to us. Hopefully
she keeps her commitments and it goes through!

Mom, Happy Birthday!!! I love you and always appreciate your support!

Have a great week!

-Elder Rosenbaum

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