Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Another good week has come and gone. Although this week was a little harder than most nonetheless it was still a good week. To be frank the amount of teaching we did this week was pretty minimal and we did what we could to find and teach and we worked hard so thats what matters. Although we did have a great lesson with our investigator named Noah. Noah has done a ton a study on theology and actually referred himself to us and has come to the conclusion thats its either us and the catholics that are right. So we had a great lesson with him and really stressed the apostasy and it seemed to click with him so that was good! He had a lot of questions a couple of them referring to baptism so we got to talk to him about that as well. Noah took us on a walk on a trail(he lives out in the middle of nowhere basically in the mountains) which led to some water falls which was gorgeous. We ended up having our lesson there which was pretty sweet. Although our teaching was minimal this week we still had 3 investigators come to church which was pretty sweet. All of them but one we were unable to meet with but they still came so that was pretty sweet.

We have a new program which the church has spent a lot of money to establish its called just serve and its give missionaries or even regular people if they want a chance to get involved in the community and to serve the people in really any capacity. So we went and volunteered at a old folks retirement home and helped set up for this huge thanksgiving dinner for the residents. I felt like I was working my catering job again so it was pretty cool. All the residents and all the employees and other volunteers were asking us lots of questions about us because we were able to do it in our proselyting clothes. So that was a cool opportunity to get our name out there.

We had zone conference this week as well so that was really cool. It's always fun to see previous companions and people you've served around. And also to be spiritually uplifted.

We have lots of plans for thanksgiving. We've had numerous members invite us over to there place so don't worry we'll be well taken care of! Love you guys! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

Elder Rosenbaum

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