Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 11, 2015

Dear Family,

Although I already said it skyping I'll start off by saying Happy
Mothers day Mom! Hope you had a fantastic day! I appreciate all you've
done and continue to do for me and the love and support you always
show me!

A lot of what I say in this email might be a little repeat from what I
said skyping but thats okay. I got pretty big news! On Wednesday we
got a call from our mission president saying that the next day he was
gonna be in the area and wanted to meet with me and Elder Hudson. So
we weren't quite sure what to expect but he informed us that there was
a new missionary coming into the mission midway through the transfer
and he wanted us to train him and there would be 3 missionaries in our
companionship. President was pretty sincere and said he did a lot of
praying about who should train this new missionary and our names kept
coming up. Elder Sanborn is his name and he's a super cool guy. He was
originally suppose to be come out a couple of months ago but went home
from the MTC because of sickness, anxiety, and depression. But he's
been cleared to come back out so he got off the plane Saturday and we
went and picked him up! This will be my 3rd time training so it will
be a good way to finish my mission. We had our baptism for Duo Lin on
Saturday at  2 O'clock and it was an amazing baptism! The spirit there
was tremendous. Seeing someone enter into the covenant of baptism and
go into the waters makes everything worth it. It was definitely a good
day. Right after the baptism we took the road trip and headed down to
the mission home. It was kind of weird, it was the first time in my whole
mission being at the mission home. President always gives the trainers
some training when you pick up your greenie, so we did that and than
had dinner with the mission president and his wife. We had to work out
the logistics and find another bed and dresser for our apartment but
everything worked out and Elder Sanborn is now settled in. Being a
trainer always gives you that extra faith and motivation because you
want your companion to be successful and have a good start to his
mission, so there always seems to be good things that happen.

Well thats about all for this week! The work is continuing to move
forward and we're working hard trying to find the elect and get the
members involved. I'll try and tell you more about the people we're
teaching next week! Have a great week!

Elder Rosenbaum


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