Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dear Family,

Well its been another week and a lot good things have happened but
we're still fighting through a lot of sicknesses. This week
fortunately was good for me compared to last week but my companion got
the worst of it this week. We spent some good time this week on
exchanges and taking turns babysitting Elder Hudson so we could hit
all of our appointments between our area and the other Elders area.
But we were still able to get a lot done this past week and work hard.

Good news! Duo is still good to go and will be getting baptized this
Saturday at 2 pm! We taught her twice this past week and will be
having dinner with her family tonight and another lesson tonight and
her interview for baptism will be tomorrow. Duo is pretty excited. Duo
even told us this week that when she comes backs to the united states
to go to college she wants to go on a mission. We've been so blessed
to just teach someone so golden and so prepared! Its been super cool
just to see her progression and see her being able to connect with

We participated in a lot of service this week. We have what they call
mormon helping hands. Its basically when the ward finds a service
project somewhere in the community and they try and get involved. Well
the project that we did was at some community hall performance center
place we  basically painted all the inside of it. It was cool and a
good time just to be with everyone and be able to serve. It looked a
ton better afterwards

Our teaching pool is doing alright. It seems we have the quantity its
just it seem we need better quality. The only people were teaching
right now that will come to church is Duo and Bailey. And Bailey
didn't receive permission from her Father to be baptized.  We've had
to drop a few people which I hate doing and find some new people we
teach. We found a investigator the other week named Austin. He's a
senior in high school and we just talked with him while he was playing
basketball outside. Well we've had a couple of discussions with him
now and we went back to visit him and his mom answered the door and it
turns out that she's a member! What are the chances of that? Anyways
Austin is doing pretty good and we're pretty excited about him
hopefully he can continue to progress.

My time out here is short but i'm continuing to work harder than ever.
Knowing that it eventually has to come to an end I don't want to go
home with any regrets. There's no greater calling than being a

Love you guys I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rosenbaum
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