Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Dear Family,

Hello its been another good week here in Gridley and Biggs. Its
definitely been a lot different this past week being that we have 3
Elders in our companionship now. Teaching, finding, door approaches,
and just all aspects of missionary work are a tad different but we're
figuring things out and making them work. Elder Sanborn, the
missionary that me and Elder Hudson are training, is from Boise Idaho
and a super good guy. He has a lot of fire and is far beyond what I
was when I came out into the mission.

Gridley had what they call Red Suspenders Day similar to what Fiesta
 Days is to Spanish Fork. So on Saturday we had the chance to go to the
city's parade and go to down town Gridley and just street contact
people for the longest time. It was actually pretty sweet. My whole
mission I've never really had the chance to just have so many people to
talk to. I've never picked up so many potential investigators in one
day before. Since Gridley is such a small town and we're basically out
and around talking to people every day it was crazy to see how many
people there I knew. But all in all it was a pretty good day.

We also had the chance to volunteer at a community event in Biggs and
we got to barbecue for everyone at the event. It was super sweet and
just a chance to get us out in the community and for people to see us
and a good chance to just talk with a lot of people.

I think our biggest thing we're struggling with right now is getting
our investigators to church. Our teaching pool is doing pretty good
and just trying to get them to progress. I'll try to share more about
them next week but time is short!

My time is nearing and being that I have only a couple more weeks I'm
definitely feeling a lot of mixed emotions but I'm definitely excited
to see what the future has in store!

Have a great week! Love you guys!

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