Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear Family,

Once again its been another good week here in Gridley! We had a zone
conference this past week down in Yuba city. It was super good and I
really learned a lot. It was good to see some former companions and
former missionaries I've served around. I also had the opportunity to
speak at the zone conference to give my departing missionary
testimony. I remember going to my first zone conference and seeing
those missionaries giving their departing testimonies and I thought
that day would never come but it did. This past week we also had the
opportunity to travel down to Antelope to our mission office and had a
trainer/trainee meeting with our mission President. I had the
opportunity to meet with President Marston afterwards and get a temple
recommend interview.

As far as the work goes this week we saw a couple of miracles! Before
I was telling you guys a lot about Brendall who was on date and
preparing to be baptized. Well he moved and didn't have a cell phone
so we lost contact with him and hadn't seen him in awhile. Well we
were tracting this week and out of all the houses we could have
knocked on we happened to knock on his house and find him again. Its
amazing how the Lord can put you in certain places to find and teach
certain people. He moved into his friends house and we even picked up
his friend as an investigator as well.

We're working a lot with a part-member family named the Fui's.
Chrystina the wife is a recent convert less active who we're working
with and we're teaching her Husband and her 11 year old son named
Dustin. Dustin is on date for June 20th and preparing to be baptized.
The only problem that we might run into is getting Dustins
Biological dad to give him consent. But we randomly ran into Dustins
real dad this week and we explained to him what we do as missionaries
and asked if we could come over and explain and show what we're
teaching Dustin. Hopefully we'll be able to soften his heart and he'll
let Dustin be baptized because if the rumor are right, he's in favorable of
him being baptized.

We're working with a good amount of other people. The biggest problem
we are having with everyone right now is just commitment. I look
forward to seeing you guys soon! I'm having a lot of mixed emotions as
my time is coming to an end as a missionary. I'm just trying to work
hard and finish on a good note! Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Rosenbaum

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