Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 7-15-13

Dear Family and Friends,

First off, those pictures that the Montgomery's sent you were this non member family and they absolutely love the missionaries. They fed us all we could get ribs and we played some games with them so were hoping they come around to accepting the gospel. But whenever we go over there for dinner they always take pictures of us so expect some more pictures in the next couple of weeks from them. There some of my favorite people I love them. But they aren't the people were living with. We're living with a family called the Reeves. There super nice and friendly people but she is very particular and wants things done her way. She even sat me and Elder Harper down for 2 hours and talked to us and how she wants things down. and we have to help with chores and cleaning the house on p-day which is kind of obnoxious but its only fair for us to help if were living there. And I have a couple of questions which is kind of random. can you look up what population and size of Spanish fork is and what the population and size of paradise is? I'm just curious i think there about the same size of town. I'm learned the area a lot better now and I feel like I know everyone fairly well in my ward. I feel like I know what i'm doing. Which is great. Elder Harper, my trainer is awesome and he's really taught me a lot. We have a blast. We're getting along super well and we have a lot of the same interest so there's always something to talk about. But I'm loving it.  Oh and can you send me BYU's football schedule i'm just curious to see what it looks like. 

Anyways, its been a crazy week and me and Elder Harper have been working super hard. Our two main investigators which I was telling you a lot about last week are both doing great. Jacob Tiffany and Marie both made it to church and Marie's date for her baptism on Aug 24 is still a go for now. Were going to try and get a date for Jacob but we don't want to push him because previous missionaries have and he's been offended by it. But Jacob is an awesome guy  I love teaching him he does every commitment we ask him to do and he'll read whatever we ask him to read and he's really progressing really fast and its been a real blessing. I hit my record this past week for lessons we taught 26 lessons which is my companions record too. But what were really focusing on is finding new people. With the new way of missionary work and working with members we've been trying really hard to focus on that and get referrals and do less tracting. We're teaching this guy named Onorio and he's really not progressing but i feel like i'm counseling him with his wife dying and its really hard knowing what to say and he just vents about his life and how sad he is and depressed and we've tried to explain how much joy he can have from the gospel but he never does anything about it. It can be frustrating. Most of the people we teach don't follow up with there commitments. 

But I've met some amazing people. We've been working with this less active guy named mike. He's a freakin stud. And he's going to feed us bear next time we go over.  The people here are weird. But I'm really growing to have a love for them and I really care about them. We have a goal as a zone to get 17 baptisms this next month. We even did a zone fast so we could find people to teach and achieve that goal. Everything is going great. Oh and I got my charger thing in the mail so thanks. thanks so much for always keeping me in your prayers. It means a lot. I love you guys.

Elder Rosenbaum

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