Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week 7-22-13

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm glad to hear everything is going so well! Thanks for calling smiths for me and asking me. I was really sad to find out that Levi Poulson passed away. what exactly happened? He was one of my best buds at smiths and we would talk all the time. He had problems with drugs and stuff but he was just an all around good kid though. Everything is going super good still! We have a trainer trainee meeting tomorrow up in Gridley so I get to see all of my district from the mtc so I'm really excited. We had a really strong brotherhood and we became super good friends in those two weeks so it'll be fun to all be back together. 

We had a really solid week. I can't remember everything I tell you week to week so sorry If i repeat a few things. We have this potential investigator that we have been fellow-shipping and we have been doing a ton of service for her. We mowed her lawn, weeded her garden, and stacked and split wood. I have a lot of hope for her hopefully she's willing to hear and learn about the gospel. Jacob Tiffany, our main progressing investigator is absolutely on fire. He does every thing we ask him to do. He reads the Book of Mormon, he prays, and goes to church every Sunday. I'm really excited for him. His baptismal date  for August 3rd is still a go. August 3 is right before the transfer gets over so it'll be a perfect way to end the transfer. I'm so excited! Jacob is seriously one of the coolest guys I've met. He's about 40 years old and he loves college football so we talk a lot about that and Me and Elder Harper I feel like were just really able to connect with him. He's been meeting off and on with the missionaries for about 8 years. Its truly been a miracle. Our other main investigator, Marie Campbell, has been kind of a struggle. Her mom is really controlling and she won't let her go to church a lot. She's only 13 years old and i'm not sure how badly she wants to be baptized. Just keep Marie in your prayers. Her baptismal date is Aug 24 so were just gonna continue to work with her.

I went on exchanged a couple of days ago and I went with Elder Schaeffer. Elder Schaeffer and been in this area just as long as me so I had to take over the area for the day. And i only got lost a couple times. I'm getting the area down though! We had a really successful day. I had one of the most spiritual experiences with him that day. We had a less active in our ward, Wendy Anderson, call us so we could go over to her house and give her a blessing. She has this disease which makes it so she can't control her muscles and is unable to stand very well and just doesn't have a lot of mobility. Its really bad. And she recently had her neighbor make a citizens arrest on her and its just been a huge mess. We gave her a priesthood blessing and I've never so strongly guided by the spirit as to what to say. It was the coolest experience. She was in tears by the end of the priesthood blessing. Only time will tell what will happen now.

In the past week, I've ran in to 3 anti Mormons that wanted to bash and argue with us. It can be really hard at times. We show them scriptural evidence from the bible and from the book of Mormon for what ever they tried to used against us and they just refuse to listen. All 3 of them basically told me i was wasting two years of my life. There's a lot of churches up here that preach anti Mormon stuff and i'm starting to run into a lot of people that go to those churches. I've found myself the past couple weeks studying the scriptures harder than I ever have before. I feel like my testimony has really been able to grow through these experiences though. 

Me and Elder Harper continue to get along great and we're having a lot of fun while doing the work. We get to go golfing so i'm pretty excited for that! A member owns the course so we get to go for free. I love and pray for you all. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Rosenbaum

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