Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 7-1-13

This is his first official email from the mission field. He has sent other emails before this they were addressed the the family only. He said that in the email that he sent Holly that he would try to send some pictures next time.  so enjoy

 dear family and friends,

Alright so I have a ton to write about and a ton to update you guys on. So tuesday night when we got to California we had about 18 Elders all stay in this apartment for the night and it was super packed! but it was way fun. The next day we all met are companions and we had a tesimony meeting. It was a really spiritual experience. I love our mission President he's a awesome guy and you can tell he really cares about. He asked about my 3 years of spanish in high school so i thought he was going to change my assignment to spanish speaking but he didn't. My companions name is Elder Harper he's from American Fork but grew up in las Vegas. He's way awesome we get along great already and we have a blast! He's korean and just a funny guy and he's just a really good trainer and has already taught me a lot. They have this 12 week training program that they have all new missionaries go through so I have an extra hour of study time every morning.

I've been assigned to serve in a city called Paradise. I serve in the 1st ward here. I'm serving in the Chico zone. Paradise is really far north so after our meeting on wednesday when we met our companion we took like a 3 hour drive to our area. We have a small district because its just not as populated where i'm serving. We have a car in my area. I received my bike but i haven't even rode it. We live in a members house there names is the Reeves. There really rich and i basically live in a mansion compared to most of the houses here. They have a swimming pool and everything even though we can't swim. and they have ping pong too! But they have a lot of rules we have to follow and obey so i kind of wish i lived in our own apartment but I really like it there. There really nice and amazing people. We did get kicked out of there for a week though cuz they have a ton of family staying over for a little bit so we've been living in Elder Peeks and Elder Scheffers apartment for the past few days and its really crowded and there's only one bathroom but its been a blast. My district here is pretty cool although I liked my district in the mtc a ton better!
And i'm not sure if what i had was the flu or what it was. I thought it was food poisoning. I never went to the doctor although i probably should because i wanted to go to California and i  would have had to stay in the mtc for a week longer. But i got a blessing and was able to make it to california! And i feel great now so all is good!

We've been hard at work ever since i got into my area. I've had some interesting experiences. We've taught 17 lessons. We don't have a ton on investigators althought we do have a couple. But were working with a ton on nonactive people. I taught this 60 year old man who was in his briefs the whole time and he might have been drunk and we talked with him about the gospel forever. The first time i went tracking the first door i knocked on this lady answered and we talked with her for about an hour and the gospel and her religion and she seemed kind of interested so i have a lot of hope for her. I love members here there all way friendly. I had to give a introduction and bear my testimony on sunday in sacrament. that was fun I was told by several people that they thought i had been out on my mission over a year by how well and confident i was so that made my day. I'm loving it here. its amazing. its insanely hot here though. its been like 105 degrees i believe.
I love you guys

-Elder Rosenbaum

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