Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 7-29-13

Dear family and friends,
Its been another solid week in good ol' Paradise. We had a really busy week and a lot has happened. We went down to Gridley the other day for a trainer, trainee meeting with President Weston. It was about an hour and a half drive for us. It went really well. I always love hearing from President I'm pretty sure the guy is going to be a future apostle or something. I got to see all of my buddies from my district in the mtc at the meeting. I hadn't seen any of them in the mission field previous to the meeting so it was a lot of fun. Recently I also had interviews with President Weston. The interview went really well. We asked when were gonna be able to start using I-pads and he says he knows but he's not allowed to tell us.
Since my companion is the district leader we go on exchanges with the zone leaders every once and awhile. So I had the opportunity to go to Chico for the day to work. It was a lot of fun and it was a lot different from Paradise. Chico is a college town and there's a much bigger population there so we were able to do a lot of street contacting which I haven't really done in Paradise because you would hardly run into anyone. It was also my first missionary experience on a bike. It made me feel a little grateful to be a car area. We OYM pretty much everyone we came across and we picked up 3 new investigators. Its too bad there not in my area so I won't be able to continue to teach them.

So we have this investigator named Jerry and I haven't told you guys much about him. He's been to church about 3 times now and we had a lesson with him a couple of days ago. The spirit was really strong there so we challenged him to be baptized. He told us he had a desire to be baptized but he wouldn't set a date yet. So were really excited for him. He seems to be progressing really fast. He's an older man and he has a hole in his neck from some gas thing when he was serving in the army so he said if he gets baptized it'll drown him. So were trying to figure something out.

We had probably one of the most successful weeks this past week since I've been on my mission. We taught a total of 27 lessons this week and we picked up two new investigators that were going to start teaching. One is Roxanne and she's a super nice middle aged women. She was one of our potential investigators and we knocked on her door and she invited us in. She told us that she was looking for a church to attend in Paradise because she misses having that spiritual aspect in her life. We gave her a lesson on the restoration and we gave her a Book Of Mormon. She even called us the next day to have us do some service for her and she's already starting reading the Book of Mormon and has gotten really into it so were really excited for her. The other Investigator that we picked up this week is Katrina. We were walking to this less active family in our ward to talk to them and we found Katrina walking home from work and we ended up talking to us for over an hour and seemed very interested as to what we had to say. We're gonna go meet with her again next week.

We've been focusing really hard on member-missionary work and getting the members more involved. We've been having a lot more members come to lessons and we have some members that have been awesome fellowshippers for our investigators. I really do believe that part of the reason we have been able to be so successful is because of the members and there efforts. People are a lot more likely to accept the gospel if one of there friends talks about it instead of two random guys in white shirts. So we have been asking for a lot of referrals and it seems to be helping. 

The members house who we live at have been on vacation for the past week so me and Elder Harper have had the entire house to ourselves so its been kind of fun. P-days are always a blast. We always go up to chico and our zone and another zone always meet up and play basketball and dodge ball and its a blast. I'm loving the missionary life.

Our baptism for Saturday with Jacob is still on and he's really excited. As for Marie we're not sure whats going to happen for her if her baptism date is even going to go through. She hasn't been to church for awhile and her mom keeps canceling our appointments with her so its making it really hard. I think she wants to be baptized but its hard when your family doesn't support you. 

I love and miss you all.

-Elder Rosenbaum 

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