Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 7-8-13

Just to let everyone know Ben's P-day's are on Mondays.

Dear Family and Friends,

So there's so much going on I hope I can remember everything. So for our 4th of July it was just a normal proselyting day. We went to a ward breakfast that morning which was really fun. They don't allow fireworks here in paradise or anything like that. It was pretty much just a normal day. But it was a really slow day because it was the 4th not a lot of people wanted to talk to us but the rest of the week was fantastic. 
Particularly in this last week I've experienced 2 huge miracles. The biggest one is this investigator were teaching named Jacob Tiffany. The missionaries have been teaching him for about 8 years and the bishop told us to stop teaching him because he thought it was a waste of time. So the missionaries hadn't been over there for a bit but we felt like we should go over there and teach  him again. We weren't sure why. We starting meeting with him a ton and he wanted to meet almost everyday. And a couple of days ago he told us he wanted to be baptized. The spirit was strong as I've felt it before. He's been coming to church and keeping all his commitments. Its truly been a miracle. Were going to try to set a date with him for his baptism when we meet with him tonight. We've also been teaching this 13 year old girl named Marie. And her parents finally gave her permission to be baptized and we set a date on August 24th. Its my first baptismal date! And i'm really excited about it! We went and knocked on this door and this lady started yelling at us saying she hated mormans and stuff but we ended up having a really good conversation about the bible and I think she might be interested in the book of mormon so we'll see what happens when we follow up. The funniest things happened the other day. We went to go visit this guy because he's a less active. And there was a lock on his gate but the lock wasn't locked so we just walked through the gate and went and knocked on the door. He started yelling at us for trespassing and we apologized and he accused us for breaking in and he escorted us all the way off his property yelling at the top of his lungs the entire time. It was really awkward but we had a good laugh about it once it was all over. 

Me and Elder Harper have really been working hard. We had 24 lessons this past week. The work in paradise was really slow for the longest time. And its finally starting to pick up. I really feel like the Lord is blessing us for working hard and having the faith. We moved backed into the members house that were staying in. Its kind of weird I sort of feel like I'm living at home sometimes. Its a really nice place it even has a swimming pool and its a super nice place. I'm still struggling to learn the area and I only know where I am like half of the time but thats okay. Paradise has been kind of weird. I guess i'm used to it now. but its a retirement community so there's a lot of old people here and the people that aren't old are usually weed growers or something like that. But I love the people here. Our ward is amazing! The members are so nice and friendly. Our ward mission leader is super into tennis so we always talk about tennis and he's been updating me on Wimbledon. So that's been kind of fun. On p-day's we always play basketball. We meet up with chico 1 zone and chico 2 zone and we have some pretty competitive basketball games. Its a blast. We also play a ton of ping pong!

All is well here and I'm so glad to hear that everything is going to well. I love you all!

-Elder Rosenbaum

Ben at The MTC with some Elders
Ben at the Provo Temple with some Elders

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